[Feature Request] Graph view of task dependencies

Using blocks/blocked by is great for tracking dependencies between tasks. Would love to be able to get a view that shows something like the DAG (directed acyclic graph) view of the dependencies, charted out so I can visually see which tasks block which. Would be really nice for managing dependencies in large projects.


Appreciate the request, Gordon! We have it on our radar to support more robust dependency overviews in our Gantt visualization (which would be similar to a DAG view.)

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I’d like to support this feature request.

There is a couple of things missing for me in the Gantt view:

  1. Visualization of dependencies with lines!
    I’d like to see which task are blocking another task with an “Asana-like” line. Please “Clickup-like” lines that have corners. Asana has smoothly flowing lines that are way nicer to look at.

  2. Colorise tasks by list/priority/status (or any other attribute) for a better overview

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Thanks for the additional suggestions, Daniel! I’ll add this to the request file :+1:t5: