Bug Ticket Creation

When creating bug tickets, do you recommend creating a ‘bugs’ list and then adding them as tasks to it, or creating a separate attribute to define the task more granularly as a bug or story?

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Hi, Ryan! In our company workspace we have a separate #bugs list that keeps track of each individual bug report, but we also have additional lists for specific features to keep track of specific bug reports. Because tasks can live on multiple lists, being able to add a task to different lists serve as a makeshift “attribute” because you can easily see the associated lists for each task.

Below is an example of a bug report that exists on multiple lists:

As shown, this particular bug report is on the main #bugs list, but it’s also on our #feature-emails, #feature-notifications, and quick fix lists.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Akila - thanks for the response and example. This is similar to how I was thinking of setting it up. Super helpful. I appreciate it.


Always happy to help!

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