Bug with forms

Multiple people from my team report that when they use forms (on the web or in the app), there is a bug. The window stays empty, and they have to close it, reopen it again, and then all the fields appear.

They have the same problem no matter what form it is.

Actually, I just tested myself and had the same problem: Height — Bug with forms - YouTube

Hey, Guillaume! Thanks for the report! We’ll look into the issue and circle back.

Circling back:
Not sure if you’re aware, but you can customize your toolbar to include a Task form button. Adding a form to the list will achieve the same aim of easily creating a bug report using a task form.
We’re still going to fix the issue you reported; just wanted to let you know (if you weren’t already aware) of this customize toolbar workaround to use in the interim :slight_smile:

Hey, Guillaume! We’ve released a fix for the task form creation issue so everything should be resolved on your end with a refresh. Thanks again for the report!