Can detail view default to the Description Tab instead of the Chat tab?

We are making a lot of use out of the Description Tab in the project or task detail view. Since most of our team chat happens in Slack, is it possible to have the default tab be Description?

Hey, Tim! Not yet doable, but I’ll file this configuration request with the team for consideration :+1:t5:
(For what it’s worth, opening a task in fullscreen [shift+cmd+enter] displays the full description section.)

Thanks Akila! We also found that those with larger screens (or pulling / extending the detail view tray further to the left) will show the Chat and Description side-by-side. Several team members already with that view requested the ability to hide the chat all together as an option.

In one of our previous conversations I was looking for a single area with an ongoing log of changes. I see the Chat area serves this function in addition to Chat itself – that adds visual complexity to the Chat view unrelated to chat conversations. Perhaps there can be three tab sections instead of two – Description, Chat, History (log) to help solve each of these.

Gotcha; will share the feedback for ‘history/activity’ tab (and also the option to completely hide chat.) Thanks!