New Tabbed issue view feedback

The new tabbed view to switch between the description, subtasks, and comments is making height much more of a pain to use on desktop in the web app.

Previously, I could see both the description and discussion (usually contains updated information) at the same time, whereas now I have to switch back and forth to cross-reference between them. This made the simple task of triaging tickets that was previously one click into multiple clicks to go back and forth between the discussion and description and subtasks.

In addition, when clicking on subtasks, the modal that pops up now keeps the same tab as the previous ticket modal. This means that when I click into a subtask it opens the modal into the subtask tab, and I then need to switch from the subtask tab to the description tab manually to actually see what the ticket is about. Previously you could see all of it at the same time, so this wasn’t a problem.

Hey Blake,

It should switch to two columns if the task is wide enough.
Could you send a screenshot of what you’re experiencing.

Feel free to send to

Thank you!