Task Due Date Changes when dragged to different column in Kanban

Is there a way for me to disable this? It’s frustrating to have the due date change each time I move a task to completed or under review.

Hi, Shivani! Are the Kanban columns Sectioned by Status? Also, is this happening in every Kanban view or just a specific one?

Hi Akila! yes the sections are by status. I haven’t tested this with any other configuration.

Just took a quick look and it seems that the reason the due dates keep changing is because that Kanban view is Subsectioned by Due date. More specifically, the Due date is configured to Quarter so it’s basing the change on that. It still looks like something strange is happening so I’ll have our team taking a deeper look to debug and circle back with updates as they come!

Thanks a lot!

Circling back on this: there’s actually no bug happening :sweat_smile: The Due dates are updating to the 1st day of the Quarter, which is expected since the columns are Subsectioned by Due date → Quarter.

To prevent the Due dates from changing, you’ll need to remove the Subsection by Due date setting.

I see. Surely if a task’s status is changed by moving it from one Kanban section to another, the due date should stay the same?

Please let me know if there’s a way to keep the subsection by due date but have the due dates maintain when tasks are moved.

Will do! I’ll have an engineer see if we can find a workaround. I’ll keep you posted!

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