Copy Task ID

There is a way to copy task link and task details in full length, but there isnt a way to copy only the task ID. This would be super useful when automating github PRs where I copy only the task ID and add it to my PR title.

Hey, Varun! From Personal settings → Keyboard shortcuts, you can create a custom shortcut to copy task IDs :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps!

Hey @Akila_Triggs,

That’s great! I just configured it.

I feel it would be better to have a dedicated button though, Majorly we use it via mouse than keyboard shortcuts, because when I open a task, the message box gets the focus so when I enter the keyboard short cut in my case T, it goes and types it here.

Ahh, gotcha! Will file the request :+1:

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Hey, Varun! Circling back to let you know that there is now a Copy Task ID option in the ... menu of all lists. Hope this improves your workflow and thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile: