Keyboard Shortcut in Task's Detail Screen

Hello :wave:
Feel like we miss some keyboard shortcuts when we are in Task’s detail screen (half or full screen), It would be great if we can use the below:

  • Press the Tab to move between sections of comment, attribute, description, or subtask.
  • Press the up and down arrow to move between fields (particularly in the attribute section, similar as when we create a new task using the ‘C’ key).


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  • You can use cmd+alt+1, cmd+alt+2, cmd+alt+3, … to open a tab. Tab is unfortunately used in the chat text input to indent text.
  • Agreed for keyboard navigation between fields! Tab should work here, but it seems broken. Will report a bug internally.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks Michael – Just to let you know, ctrl+alt+1 , ctrl+alt+2 , ctrl+alt+3, don’t seem work on Windows.