Do not receive updated in Inbox for changes you made yourself

My case: I’m a Product Manager. I often add tags to multiple tickets at the same time (for example to tag “Sprint 1” or “Sprint 2”…). For every ticket that I change like this, my inbox gets flooded.

I would like to not see any updates I made in the Inbox, so I can just focus on tasks requiring my attention :slight_smile:

(I would also be happy to make some changes like this without spamming my colleagues as well, that would be awesome)

Hey Guillaume,

Were these tasks already in your Inbox or did they appear after your change?
We normally don’t add tasks to your Inbox from your changes, but if they’re already there, we do display your change as last activity.

I think they were already in the inbox, but still, I see the inbox like the place where I can get updates from what other people have done. I don’t need and don’t want to get notified about what I did. Would be nice to have a checkbox in the personal settings of notifications for that.

Make sense! Thanks, something is definitely wrong in the UX here