[Feature Request] Task option for "Move to Inbox" and "Snooze" (for tasks in the Inbox), like Gmail

Hey, team!

With Gmail, I love to snooze individual emails until my inbox only contains the tasks I must address today. So, naturally, some emails I snooze until the next day, week, or month based on their urgency and when I want to be reminded.

I would love similar functionality with Height.

  • I experimented using “status” values like “Today”, “This Week”, and “Next Week”, but it did not suffice because the “status” cannot automatically update themselves when their time comes.
  • This might be possible with due/start dates, but I want to avoid modifying the task for the entire workspace (only me) because the snooze/target dates are not actual deadlines but when I want to be reminded about the task.

I think a snooze feature would be a game-changer for tasker management. It works great with email and probably even better with to-dos. It’s my #1 feature request.

Implementation: Add a “Move to Inbox” option for all tasks. Then, users can individually snooze tasks in their inbox. This way, the “snoozes” are user-specific and do not impact the tasks for the whole workspace. The Inbox then becomes the main view from which I work.

  • I cannot rely on “Assigned to me” because I have nearly 100 tasks there, most of which are backlogged.


Thanks for the detailed context. Definitely something we’ll consider supporting in the future!

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Our team would love this too. Very common to have tasks that I’m interested in, not necessarily mine, and I want to snooze the notifications and get it back in my inbox in a few days.

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Gotcha, Alex! Thanks for sharing. We’re working on possible improvements :slight_smile:

:pray: Please can we get something to help here.

My inbox is huge, and a massive number of the tasks can’t be easily removed because there aren’t other good ways to find them again. A snooze function would make our lives so much easier.

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Noted, Alex. I’ll see if we can prioritize implementing this feature :pray:

I’ll honestly jump into your team and help out for up to 2 days if it’s of any use :wink:

Get me coding, domain modelling, acting as PM, whatever. Or point to a repo so I can hack on a fork of the app and add it.


Agreed. It would be an immensely useful feature for my team, too.