Done section - Sometimes there, sometimes not

We always sort tasks by a Custom Attribute (Phase). In some lists there is a section at the bottom that says “None” and sometimes that section isn’t there. I’m not sure why. If I “Hide” the “None” section it’s replaced by a “Other tasks” section.

I prefer it not to be there at all. What am I doing different in my settings to sometimes see the None section and in other lists don’t see it?

Hey, David! Can send over a screenshot of your view settings? I’m thinking there’s an offset happening in the settings.

Sure - attached.

With a closer look this looks like more of a UX issue with hiding sections. Tasks from hidden sections are moved to “Other tasks” to keep them visible, which is seems counterintuitive. I’ll pass this along to the team as an improvement request. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, David.

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