[Feature request] Semantic (embeddings-based) search for icons

It’s hard to find the right icon currently:

CleanShot 2023-05-19 at 15.24.59@2x

I think this is because it currently does exact keyword match, or perhaps a fuzzy search. It might be better to use embeddings like Open AI’s to recognize synonyms and related terms.

It would also be nice to surface the icon name/title/description on hover as a tooltip so we know what to search for if we find something we like but want a variation on it. For example, I wanted to find the horizontal version of this:

But could not find it. See https: // imgur .com /a/c2CGn6F

P.S.: It’s inconvenient that as a new user, I can only attach one image and had to use Imgur instead. Also, it only allows me to put in 2 links per post. Really hampers one’s ability to properly describe a request or idea.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions to improve our icon navigation, Andres! I’ll file both with the team :slight_smile:

Also, we just increased the new user limitations, thanks for flagging!