[feature request] Send task updates to Slack

Hello! We’ve integrated with Slack but would really love to get task updates, i.e. pipe all the webhook event types to our #bots channel!

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Hi, Fay!

Our Zapier integration is best for this use case. In Product settings → Integrations you can automate your workflow via Zaps to have task updates synced to a specific Slack channel, similar to below:

Feel free to check out our Zapier Integration article in the Help Center for more info :slight_smile:

Ahh okay cool. I got a “service unavailable” when trying to add the zapier integration, but will set this up when that’s back up. Thank you!

Sorry about that; we were doing a migration a few days ago so you may have been trying then.

We’ll also likely support notifications in slack as part of our Slack integration in the future too; will keep you updated!