Integration with 3rd Party Ticketing

I’m hoping to build an integration between Height and our company’s internal ticketing system. The ticketing system does well enough for simple question/answer tickets, but doesn’t do a good job when it is a longer term item or one where we need to create a project plan. What I’d like to do is anytime a ticket is created to create a task in Height and then sync communications between the platforms through the chat feature. For example, a comment is made in Height chat, it gets sent to the ticketing system where the end user can see and respond and the response gets sent back into Height chat for that task.

This all seems doable after looking through the API documentation, but are there any known issues or limitations in Height that would be good to know about before getting too far down this path?

Hi, there! Apologies for the delay. There shouldn’t be any issues with trying to set it up if you refer to this doc. However, if you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact