Ability to create a height ticket via webhook using task forms

Similar to Jira or Asana, it would be great if height had the ability to receive a webhook that could be mapped to a task form. Ideally you could use template variables to map the webhook parameters to form fields or content in the task description:


Just want to make sure I’m correctly understanding the request — you’re looking for an API endpoint to use to create tasks from a task form? One which would provide the answers to all task forms’ questions, and then use the API to create a task. Is that right?

oh thats a cool idea. it’s not exactly what i was thinking. that feature would be useful for custom processes we have internally and we’ve already got good helper functions in the codebase to call your API and create tasks according to your API SPEC.

the ask here is to support arbitrary webhook shapes. imagine we want some random vendor “acme” to integrate into height. acme doesnt have the resources to build a direct integration but they can send a webhook. it would be great if height could receive that webhook in the shape of acme’s API, but then give configuration on height to map that webhook to a task form.

the way the jira feature works is like:

  • height generates a unique webhook URL like https://api.height.com/custom-webhooks/asd123901j230123123k12l3n123lk1n23
  • customer can register that webhook URL into any 3rd party tool that supports the ability to fire webhooks with some set of metadata.
  • customer would configure third party tool to send webhook directly to height
  • on the height side, that webhook could be mapped to a task form
  • there would be some interface on the height side to map arbitrary webhook parameters to the task form fields

This sounds a bit like the Zendesk integration, but open to custom implementation.

it’s very similar, we use the zendesk integration as well :slight_smile: