[Feature Request] Show user assignment options in *root level* of command pallet

Best explained via an example.

In Linear, when I select a task, invoke the command palette, and input the name of a workspace user, Linear shows an option right away to assign/unassign the selected task to that user:

Height does not support this shortcut in the root level of the command palette. Rather, to achieve the same in Height, you must first invoke an “Edit assignees…” section and then select the user. (I would post screenshots, but this forum limits me to one screenshot.)

Feature Request: Enable users to assign/unassign a person to the selected task from the root level of the command palette just by searching their name (like the Linear example shown above). This nice feature saves users a step (or a keyboard shortcut to remember),

Totally, very good point thanks.

Filing this internally. We have another similar task to support searching through secondary level commands, which would help a lot :slight_smile:

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Good news @DannyNemer, this shipped today :slight_smile:

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It’s beautiful and quick! Love it! Thank you, thank you!