Full width of task description

When opening a task, the description uses a column and the chat is placed next to it.

I’d like to be able to expand the description to have a more suitable view when there is a lot of text.

Hey, there! For your use case would you want to be able to adjust the widths of each column to increase the description column? I’ll go ahead and file this as a feature request with the team but if you have a specific layout that you envision feel free to share!

For what it’s worth, opening a task as a side panel displays the description in its own tab which is a bit bigger than the description column of full-screen tasks :smiley:

Hey @Akila_Triggs thanks so much for answering!

I’m not able to modify the width of the description column, I’m using the macOS 0.18.12 version.

The idea would be to expand that section

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Understood! Thanks again!