Snoozed status

Sometimes I need to follow up on a task on a certain date in the future. I was thinking it might make sense to have a custom status called “Snoozed” (which would indicate the task is Blocked) and then move it back to In Progress when it’s time to follow up.

Currently, I just leave such tasks in Waiting, since they are waiting. I guess the difference is the thing these tasks are waiting for is just time passing, which is something that the Height app itself could keep track of. I’m not waiting on an email from some third party or some other arbitrary condition in the wider world.

So I’d kind of like them to “reactivate” automatically. Maybe I could enter the date when I put the task in the Snoozed status, and have it pop back to In Progress on its own when the date arrives.

Does that sound like a good feature? Or should I be thinking about this another way?

Or maybe there’s no need for a separate custom status. Maybe instead I want to make a Date attribute called “Wake up” (or whatever), with a way to have that attribute automatically set the status to In Progress (or whatever) when the date arrives. :thinking:

That makes sense to me. I could see Height having this type of feature / a way to implement it in the future.

In the meantime, you could set it up with (granted, it’s a bit complicated)

  • create an attribute “Wake up” on Height
  • create a zap that runs when a task is updated on Height
  • add a “Filter by Zapier” action, and filter to only take the task that have a “Wake up” date
  • add a “Delay by Zapier” action, and delay until the “Wake up” date
  • add a “Update a task” action, and update its “Wake up” date and “Status”

Hopefully, we’ll have something easier for you in the future.

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