[Feature Request]

Would love to see a Pabbly Connect (Zapier alternative) integration

Thanks! I’m not familiar with Pabbly Connect but will add them to our list to investigate as a possible integration.

What are the specific features / pricing reasons you’d prefer Pabbly Connect?

Sorry for the late reply here.

Feature-wise it’s very similar to Zapier, almost identical actually. They are just a newcomer to the space, but they are adding new connections what seems like daily.

  • The one thing that really separates them from others though is they do not count triggers or internal tasks as part of your task allotment, so you essentailly get wayy more than what you’d pay for using Zapier.

Price-wise also way cheaper than Zapier, especially with their lifetieme deal - I’m not affiliatted at all, just a happy customer.