[Feature Request] Multiple views (Spreadsheet, Kanban, and Calendar) for guests

I’m embedding the Height website into the Teams app so that we can track tasks as a team but not everyone in the company is using Height just yet. Height allows sharing a public web link to a project which makes this possible. Thanks!!

But…Height can only have one view (Spreadsheet, Kanban, or Calendar) at a time, which means that whatever I set as the main view in my Height is what everyone else on the team sees inside Teams. It would be great to allow those not signed into Height, but who are viewing the public link, to change their view as well so that they can also see tasks as a Spreadsheet, Kanban board, or Calendar.


Hey, David!

I agree that it’ll be really helpful to allow guests to change list views. We’ve actually considered supporting this, so stay tuned as this may be implemented in the future. Thanks for the request!

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