Is there a way to view more tasks on Calendar view?

Hi everyone!

I really like using the Calendar view for tasks because it helps me structure tasks for the month and gives me a faster overview of everything. However, if I have a lot of tasks on the calendar view, some of the tasks will go away and text will pop up saying “{n} more” where n is the number of tasks left. Is there any way to view those n tasks? Nothing happens when I click the button, and it’s a little frustrating if I’m not able to view those tasks in the Calendar mode.

Here’s an image to illustrate what I’m trying to explain:

Screenshot of the Calendar View

I’m wondering if I can view those tasks because clicking the button doesn’t seem to do it for me.

Thanks for the help!

Hey, there! Looks like there’s a limit to the number of tasks that will be shown per calendar day. I’ll pass this along to the team for us to consider revising that limit or improving our overflow design. Thanks!