[FEATURE REQUEST] Enhanced calendar view (Roadmap, Gantt, efforts, ...)

Apologies if anyone has raised this before.

Currently it is possible to set a due date and see it on the calendar, but there is no way to set and show where it starts. I love that task dependencies still show on the calendar.

Is there a way to dynamically be able to stretch a task from the day it starts to the day it is due over the calendar boxes? It would help to maintain realistic goals and identify conflicting tasks. Personally I believe it is a more realistic way to estimate efforts -the time it takes to complete them, rather than “guess-timating”, and the calendar view is well engineered to provide that information visually.

Alternatively, the calendar view could remain as is without having tasks stretching over the boxes and introduce a Roadmap view which is basically everything I’ve said above but the boxes are now columns, and the tasks are rows, like a Gantt chart…

I trust that you would go above and beyond what I’ve said to make it awesome.



Hi, Robert!

We are actively working to implement gantt charts into our interface to allow for a more streamlined monitoring of task progression. Though there is no confirmed ETA, we envision the release being a stellar addition to the user experience and we look forward to its launch!

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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I’m really looking forward to Gantt charts (aka Roadmaps, or whatever you call them) but what about the calendar feature Robert asked about above:

…but there is no way to set and show where [the task] starts? Is there a way to dynamically be able to stretch a task from the day it starts to the day it is due over the calendar boxes?

This would be a really welcomed feature upgrade to the calendar.

p.s. If you’re feeling generous with calendar features - allow users to color code tasks on the calendar according to different criteria.

Hey, David!

There is currently no way to extend a task across the calendar, but I’ve made note of your request, and will add it (and the color coding) to the list for possible improvements.


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I just noticed the new Gantt list type… pretty cool!

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The task bars on the Gantt list are a little offset away from their actual start/end dates. For example a task starting on June 27 and ending on 29 has its bar stretching from 28 to 30. Any attempt to adjust leads nowhere, maybe you should look into it.

Hey, Robert! Thanks for the report :slight_smile: Definitely open to initial feedback and reports regarding Gantt since it’s pretty fresh! Will share with the team.

If still visible, can you send over an image that captures this?

If you can see on the image there are grayed out dates on the bottom left and right of the orange bar. Those are the actual start and end dates. But the orange bar itself tells a different story.

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Hey, Robert! We’ve released a fix for this. Turns out it was related to a time zone issue. All should be cleared on your end now with a refresh.

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The fix worked. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad to hear it :slight_smile: