List of Lists

Is there any way to create a curated list of lists?

For instance: I use lists as Projects. So if I wanted to create a new list which shows certain projects, is there a way to do that?

Hi David,

The height team should chip in here. However, this is one approach that I use:

I would create a smart list (e.g. #all-projects or #current-projects) and have your smart list filter selection set to only the lists of projects you’d like to see.

Hope that helps!

By doing that though I’m seeing all the tasks for each of those lists.

I don’t want to see the actual tasks within each list. I’m trying to create a list which only shows me the projects themselves.

Here’s an example. Each list is a Project (#project-a, #project-b, #project-C). I want to create a list which only lists the project names. So this list might be called #current-projects and I only want it to show me #project-a and #project-b. Not the actual tasks in each of those projects - just the names.

Hi David,

Ah - I see your use case now.

I’m not currently aware of a feature on Height that could enable this, however, here is a possible workaround that may suffice:

Based on screenshot 1 attached, you could create a #current-projects lists and make tasks that reference #project-a, #project-b, and #project-c. What’s nice about this solution as well is that any user can click directly into the list (since the reference of the list in the task is dynamic), if they desire. And, you can assign people to those tasks for reference on the team working on the individual projects.

Alternatively, based on screenshot 2, you could create a smart list of each project list and use settings to collapse the subtasks. However, that does not entirely fit your need which is to hide tasks entirely.

Hoping that helps?

I’ll keeping thinking though and if I need a better solution, I’ll reply to this thread!

I think Option 1 is perfect! Thanks!!

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Hey, David! Apologies for the delay and many many thanks to Sophia for hopping in! We’ve had users request a similar consolidated view of lists, so we may implement this option in the future. In the interim, Sophia’s option 1 suggestion is a really nice workaround so I hope that helps!

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