Crowdsourced best practices for project management in Height

Hey Height team, this is really broad feedback but something I’d really love to see is articles/guides on the blog showing how companies/teams are using Height.

There is a lot of flexibility with Height but of course any app that offers that kind of flexibility always introduces a bit of friction/uncertainty (are lists the best way to organize projects??? Am I creating too many lists???)

I always find it helpful seeing how others are using tools and their reasoning behind the approach.

I’m sure the Height team has some insight seeing the different ways users are slicing and dicing tasks as well.

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We are using lists to organize projects or epics, but as you mentioned it has created a lot of lists. So although we are using them in this way right now, we are evaluating if there is a better process or method.

Hey, Ryan! We’ve actually considered enhancing our site to feature a few testimonials from current users as to how they configure their workspaces. It’s cool to hear that this would actually be of help to users like you :slight_smile:
Regarding project based lists, though they may grow to be super long, depending on the complexity of the project/epic, it may be best to organize them into lists. You can also leverage the parent/sub task relationships when needed.