Recurring task: have next task be created N weeks from completion date rather than from due date

I have a task in Height to apply security updates to my servers. I set the due date to recur every 2 weeks.

When I mark it complete, Height creates a new task with a due date that is 2 weeks from the previous due date. I think this behavior is useful in some cases, but in this case, I would like the new task to have a due date that is 2 weeks from the previous completion date.

For applying security updates, the more important thing is the duration between updates.

  • If I happen to apply the updates a week earlier than the due date, the next due date should be 2 weeks from now, not 3.
  • If I am late and apply them 1 week after the due date, again I want the next due date to be 2 week from now, not 1.

I’m coming from Asana, which had a way to do this: Ultimate Guide To Asana Recurring Tasks | Blog

Is there a way to do this in Height?

Thanks for reaching out, Kannan; apologies for the delay! We’re actually revamping our recurring tasks feature to allow users more customization of the recurring parameters. I’ll be sure to circle back once the enhancements are live :slight_smile:

How do you create a recurring task in Height?

NVM, I found it!

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