Recurring task: have next task be created N weeks from completion date rather than from due date

I have a task in Height to apply security updates to my servers. I set the due date to recur every 2 weeks.

When I mark it complete, Height creates a new task with a due date that is 2 weeks from the previous due date. I think this behavior is useful in some cases, but in this case, I would like the new task to have a due date that is 2 weeks from the previous completion date.

For applying security updates, the more important thing is the duration between updates.

  • If I happen to apply the updates a week earlier than the due date, the next due date should be 2 weeks from now, not 3.
  • If I am late and apply them 1 week after the due date, again I want the next due date to be 2 week from now, not 1.

I’m coming from Asana, which had a way to do this: Ultimate Guide To Asana Recurring Tasks | Blog

Is there a way to do this in Height?