[Feature Request] Add multiple start and due dates to tasks

Hello Height team and users,

My company runs tasks at very irregular intervals and need a way to schedule a single task on different days. For instance, we would schedule it one week on a Tuesday, on the next a Friday, and maybe Wednesday the next week. Currently we are working around not being able to add multiple start and due dates by duplicating the tasks and scheduling them on different days, but this may lead to confusion because they are separate tasks. We don’t want them to be subtasks, but I do know that is also an option.

Thanks for all the hard work and for making Height run smoothly! We all appreciate and value this service!

Hey Kirk,

Have you looked into creating multiple custom Date attributes?
You can do so in Settings → Attributes

Custom date attributes do not show up in calendar view. This is probably the feature that would come in most handy for us.

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Understood. Will file this request with the team, Kirk!