Recurring task: keep the start date updated as well?

I have a maintenance task that I have to perform every three months. To track that in Height, this is what I’ve done:

  1. Set a due date of April 10th and set it to repeat every 3 months.

This works, but the problem is that the task is far in the future and I don’t want it showing up on my “Assigned to me” list. To fix that, I’ve:

  1. Set a start date of April 1st and set it to repeat every 3 months.
  2. Modified my “Assigned to me” view to hide tasks where the start date is in the future.

This works, but the next instance of the task doesn’t have the start date I want:

  1. I mark the task as complete.
  2. Height automatically creates a new task with a due date of July 10th (3 months from the original due date) but the start date is the same as before, April 1st.