Show counts for top-level tasks and expanded tasks separately

Currently, Height will display the count of all tasks that are expanded

It would be great to show the counts of “top-level” tasks separately from all expanded tasks. In this screenshot, there are only 2 top-level tasks, but the count shows 6.

(At Mighty, we generally only care about the top-level task count.)

Hi, there!

Totally understand how useful it would be to exclusively count the parent tasks. The logic behind the current design is to count the tasks that are currently visible. Thus, if you were to collapse (hide) the subtasks, the count would update to “2” to reflect the parent tasks.

A quick way to immediately generate the count of the parent tasks without having to manually collapse all subtasks is to toggle the “Show subtasks” switch, as shown below:

Doing this will allow for you to easily see the parent task count, but once you’re done, you can toggle it back to the original view.