Show percent completed is always 0%

It seems percent completed is always zero because completed get hidden after completion? Sounds like a bug to me.

Hi, Rolle! You can change your view settings to show completed as illustrated below:

Doing this should give you an accurate percentage of the completed tasks.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, but what if I don’t want to see completed tasks but I want to see the status in percent?

Ahh, I see. At second glance, this may be a slight regression :confused:

I’ll get this filed so we can look into the issue and circle back with updates as they come. Thanks for the report!

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Sorry for asking this soon, but what’s the status of this? As we’re starting to use full time soon for all future project it still bugs us as we can’t see progress without showing all the completed tasks.

Hey, Rolle! We’re working on mockups of how to most efficiently show the global percentage while still hiding completed. No firm ETA on when we’ll finalize and release the design, but I’ll be sure to reach out when the time comes.

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