[feature] "Show all completed tasks" button for lists

I would appreciate a button to “Show all completed tasks” at the list level to peek at my completed tasks for a list. I imagine an always-visible button that resembles the existing “Show all n subtasks” button but at the root list level.

Indeed, I could temporarily toggle the “Show completed” filter. However, it would be nice to have a quicker approach that requires fewer clicks and does not mutate the list’s filters.

Thank you!

UPDATE: Quick mockup:

Hey, Danny! Just to ensure that I understand your request, are you saying you’d like a view option that shows all completed tasks in a quick snapshot?

Hi, Akila!

Consider the existing button to “Show all n subtasks” that is always visible and merely unhides the other subtasks:

I would love a similar button to “Show all n completed tasks” for unhide the completed the whole list. I accomplish this today by toggling the “Show completed” filter, but it requires several button clicks and generates the warning for changing the filters. Not a big deal, but it would be nice because I quickly do this several times every day.

Thank you! :pray:

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Gotcha. I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks!

For reference, I created a quick mockup of what I envisioned:

Nice, Danny!

Thanks for the visual aid. I’ll include this in my feature request report.

Bumping this feature request. Every day, for whatever reason, I manually toggle the Show completed filter to check the completed tasks for a particular list.

Or, I visit a list with only completed tasks, which mistakenly looks like it was never used. This would not be the case if it included Show *n* completed tasks like my mockup above.

It would be nice to easily toggle viewing the completed tasks without modifying the filters for the same reason that the button exists for Show all *n* subtasks.

Thank you!

Noted, Danny! Will add to the existing report :+1: Thanks!

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