Sprints to have an end date

Sprints represent a lapse of time. In Height, only a single date can be set and the calendar view is not representative. It would be great if weekly or biweekly sprints could be set and the tasks that correspond to that sprint could be seen throughout the calendar.


I think we’re essentially asking for the same thing: [FEATURE REQUEST] Enhanced calendar view (Roadmap, Gantt, efforts, ...)

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Hi, Mica and David!

In addition to finalizing the designs of our upcoming Gantt release, we’re actively working to improve the functionality of sprint management in Height! We’re super excited for what’s to come in the next couple of months so stay tuned and thanks for the feedback!


This is great to hear! Would love better date management in height, including the ability to span multiple dates (Sounds like something that would come with the Gantt release).

Indeed! Tons of improvements to our date functionality will come with the Gantt release :smiley:

Hey, folks!

Super excited to circle back to inform y’all that our Gantt visualization is now LIVE :partying_face:

Feel free to check it out and share any feedback!

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