Typical Gantt features: Durations and Connections

Hi there,

I have just started with Height and see that you support Gantt chart. That’s cool!
But I have failed to understand if the following is possible:

  1. I see Start Date and Due Date attributes of the task - is (projected) Duration also supported? Can I set it and show that a task is short or long on a Gantt chart?

  2. I see that I can set up Blocking and Blocked by dependencies. But ostensible they do not affect dates: i.e., if I set a start date to a blocking task, it doesn’t affect the start date of its dependencies (tasks that blocked by it). Or it does?

Hi, Pavel! Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay. Below are responses to each question:

  1. Our Gantt timeline doesn’t currently support this. You can customize the setting so that the “length” of the tasks are based on different parameters aside from the Start and Due dates, but because there’s no existing attribute type that captures duration (i.e. 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.) there’s no way to replicate this in the Gantt timeline.
  2. We’re working to enhance our task dependency relationships where adjusting the date(s) of one task automatically adjusts it for any related tasks, but that’s not yet supported. It’ll likely be included in a future improvement to our automations, so I’ll circle back here once it’s live!
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Would love to see this as well. Durations and dependencies were one of the main things I was interested in implementing when I saw Blocking and Blocked by dependencies on the main website


Any rough idea on the timeline on this? It would determine if I need to switch platforms or can suffer through doing this manually for a few weeks. Thanks!

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I’d echo Nick’s comment! I too made the assumption about what was there. In the early days of my project design, dates are flying backwards and forwards from day to day and it would be good not to have to manually move everything.

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Hey, Nick! No firm ETA for when they feature will be released, and no additional updates since I responded to Pavel. Sorry about that!