Today or Focus List

Just curious how people are prioritizing their tasks for the day within Height.

Currently, I have a “Today” list. Each morning I review all my tasks and look for items I can accomplish today; then assign them to the “Today” list. This gives me a short list of tasks I can focus on for the day.

Just curious how others might accomplish this. This is a bit different than this suggestion.

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Hi, David!

One cool way to manage your daily tasks is via a single select custom attribute called “Planning.”

Tagging tasks that are assigned to you with the appropriate option – today, tomorrow, etc. – allows you to customize your Assigned to me view so that you can easily see your daily tasks. For example, in Kanban, you can Subsection by Planning to get a clear view of the current status of daily/weekly tasks.

Similarly, you can Section by Planning (as opposed to the default Status sectioning) to have each column correspond to the different planning options.

While creating a “today” list works, you may find that using a Planning attribute is a bit easier because you can easily tag tasks across different lists and compile them in your Assigned to me view.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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That’s a great idea! Thanks!!

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You’re welcome! Happy to help!