Planning the day

Hi Height App team!
It would be cool if you could add a single day display. To make it convenient to plan your day, arranging tasks by hours. Now there is a display in a table, kanban board and as a calendar, you can add a display of one day.

These products do a pretty good job with this feature:

Thank you!

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Hi, Chingiz! I agree that a single day view would be very helpful for organization. We’re currently exploring ways to implement native time tracking into Height, so your feedback aligns with a few features that we’ve been brainstorming. Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


We are using Sunsama for simple task management that are not related to Height project. However, sometimes tasks do overlap and it would be great to tick off tasks from Sunsama. In my opinion it makes no sense to bring a full-feature planning to, I love Height’s simplicity in the matter whereas Sunsama is meant for a more personal approach to daily planning.

I have already asked Ashutosh (the founder of Sunsama) if he could consider supporting Height tasks like the app already supports Todoist, GitHub and many others. Lots of people would benefit from this integration! A man can hope :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the insight, Rolle! We’ll keep that on our radar :+1: