VS Code app auth is for each project?


I installed the VS Code app yesterday although I haven’t yet created a task directly from VS Code yet but I think this could be a great feature.

Nevertheless the Height + VS Code auth process leaves a lot to be desired. Height requires you to log in to every project you have open. Not only that, upon updating Height you have to log in to all of these projects again. This can get quite tedious.

For a single website or app I may have 8–10 separate projects open and active at one time. One could argue about my project structure but these are separate React micro-apps mounted to our website theme. To have to log in to each one of these every time Height updates to activate the VS Code app is a bit crazy.

Can’t you move this to a global login that continues to be authorized for all VS Code projects on updating Height?

Hey, Joshua! Thanks for explaining your use case and for the thorough feedback. I’ll pass this along to the team for consideration :slight_smile: