[Feature Request] Change view without having to save as new list

Feature Request

We should be able to switch between views without having to save the view as a new list for everyone.

Why update the view for everyone as opposed to just viewing it the way you want for yourself?

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Hey David,

We’re building Height in a way that everything shows up the same for every user. The main reason is to avoid confusion when collaborating. Example: if tasks are displayed in a completely different way, it would be hard to communicate about the order of tasks, which tasks are prioritized, difficult to be synced during meetings.

That being said, I understand you might want a personal view for some lists, and that’s something on our backlog. At the moment, we recommend to save your new visualization it as a new smartlist.

See “Save as…” button

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I totally understand the argument why you’ve built in such a way.

I second David in this case tho. This function is one of the things that I hear annoying ppl I’m inviting (selling) Height to. It can be in one of my teams but also others. Personally, I don’t like the function and I would see it as a feature that different people in a project are able to see the project information in the way that works best for them.

The box is pretty prominent in the UI and I think that’s the biggest problem. Have you guys considered making it less of a “take over” thing? Like smaller, right bottom but with UI that still helps ppl to not forget about the function.

Hey Michael,

Do you have research supporting the fact that it would be confusing for people to collaborate?

There are many other ways of referencing tasks, so I don’t see this being an issue.