Weekend skip and working days count

in Gantt view, it would be useful to skip (and don’t see as well) non working days, such as weekends and holiday days.

It would also useful if users can see and set the amount of days on a single task.
In this way a user can set a start day and an amount of days, and see where this task will end.

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Hey, Stefano! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll file this with the team for consideration :+1:

Hello, any update on this?
Having weekend days in gantt is very uncomfortable in my opinion.

Thank you!

Hey, Stefano! No update, but we’re exploring UX designs to possibly implement this feature. Seems like a simple enhancement, but it’d require a slight shift to our current layout so we want to be sure about the design choice. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience!

Circling back on this to let you know that skipping/hiding weekends is now supported in Gantt view!

Hope this helps your workflow :smiley: