Zapier: Adding "Completed by User" as an include does not bring in username

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up a Zap in Zapier
  • Add “Task Updated in Height” or “Task Updated to Status in Height” as a trigger
  • Go to use data from the trigger, specifically “Model Completed by User Username”
  • Notice Username is not available

It would be great if I could get the username of the user that completed the task!


The way user include works in Task is actually through the users property. This users array will contain all the users used by the task (can be createdByUserId, completedByUserId, …).

It’s not easy to use in Zapier, but the way to do it would be to find the right users from the id, something like this:

task.users.find((user) => === task.completedByUserId)
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