BUG: Adding link in a new ticket

I have a 13" mac and experience this issue every single time when creating a new ticket.

The Add link button is basically hidden behind the Cancel button.
Yes, I know I can think in advance and add the square brackets in advance, and then the round ones. Or use the shift-command-0. But it’s not always convenient and requires always keeping this in mind (or remembering another hot key combo).

Yes, I’ve cleared cache, reloaded the app, restarted my laptop, all that.

Please fix the thing. Thank you!

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Hi Daria,

Thanks for flagging! I just tried to repro on my end and it seems the overlap occurs when the task page is minimized to the smallest preview dimension. I’ll get this bug filed, but as a workaround, increasing the width of the page just a tad will preserve the Add link button. Also, for what it’s worth, this issue doesn’t happen on the desktop app so feel free to use that in the interim while we work on a fix :slight_smile: