Subtasks or links to other tasks open in a tiny, hard to read modal

TL;DR - I don’t like the new UX around clicking links! :slight_smile:

Previously, if I clicked on a link to another task or a subtask, it would take me to that task or open in a slide-in (if I remember correctly). It now is in a small modal that is much harder to read: The visual space dedicated to fields can now show only 4 at a time, and the chat is limited to about half of the vertical space available to the window itself. Chat is a reading experience, and having to scroll in this tiny space is unpleasant.

If you want to get more space to read, you have to click ‘open fullscreen’. So now, what often happens is, I click the link, realize I can’t understand the ticket in this tiny space, so I then click the menu in the upper-right, then click ‘open fullscreen’.

That is:

  • Click link
  • Get annoyed at size
  • Click menu
  • Click ‘open fullscreen’

If I remember to do so before hand, I will command+click to open the link in a new window, but I mostly forget. Sometimes my flow will be:

  • Click link
  • Get annoyed at size
  • Go back
  • Command+Click link

Both of these feel like a worse user experience to me!


I agree with Jimmy here. I almost always want the increased screen space with a full window, and I personally prefer opening multiple tabs when I have to go down a trail of tickets/subtasks/comments.

Lately, I see the modal, and just click the additional button to make open it up fully. A modal might be nice if I just want to peek at a subtask or comment or something, but usually I am navigating through tickets, which means I want a full window

Hey, folks! Thanks for the feedback regarding our latest modal update. The intention was to allow users quick snapshots of referenced tasks, but I can see how it may have disrupted the flow for others. As is, I’ll pass this along to the team :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response! Another issue I’ve noticed because of this: Command+Click is inconsistent. Sometimes it highlights a task (ie it activates selection), sometimes it opens in a new tab.

You’re welcome, Jimmy! I saw your mention of this in a separate thread so I’ve already filed this with the team. Thanks again!