[feature] Enlarge images in task description instead of tiny thumbnails

My task descriptions often include screenshots. Sometimes, the task description is only a screenshot (e.g., a screenshot of a Slack message, bug report, or documentation). However, images in task descriptions are too small to read (as shown below). Indeed, I can click on the image to expand it, but it is a bit annoying when I rely on keyboard shortcuts to open and navigate to tasks.

Ideally, I would like images to be immediately readable when opening the task (because the images themselves often suffice as the task description). In the example above, I would prefer for the image’s width to expand to the view’s width like this mockup):

Thank you!

Hey, Danny! Makes sense for your use case – I’ll share this request with the team :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I am bumping this feature request because the current task description design is a common frustration.

Tasks paired with screenshots (images) are widespread. E.g., screenshots of UI features, messages in other apps, error notifications, emails, documentation, and code,

However, Height’s current design handicaps such tasks because the images are illegible whenever you peak into the task. Instead, you must also drag your mouse across the screen to click the tiny area to enlarge it and exit out of it.

For example, why are we wasting this space here when the user cannot read the image???

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Very valid point, Danny! Thanks for the additional feedback :saluting_face:

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