Why No Autosave in Height?

I’m evaluating whether Height can replace Asana for us. The biggest issue so far is having to save changes. This is very old school like a Microsoft Word document. What’s with this philosophy versus autosave like virtually all other cloud apps?

Hey, there! Totally understand the curiosity. The logic behind manual save is to ensure that no accidental changes are saved. Essentially, for company workspaces that feature many teams and many lists, we want to lessen the chance that a user A will make an accidental change that throws off the view for all other users.
We do allow for users to update their views without *having to save, but requiring changes to be saved lessens the chance that an intentionally configured list is disrupted.

I was going to say the same thing as @Akila_Triggs. Lists in Height are shared, and all team members see the same view. If someone changes a sort or grouping option, that can throw things off for the rest of the team. I personally like the confirmation step for saving list changes.

That being said, I do sometimes get tripped up by having to save Task changes. But I can see how autosave on Tasks but not Lists would be confusing and inconsistent.

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What about an auto save toggle option per list or in settings?

Could be helpful especially when first setting up your workspace.

I started this thread and have even conversed with the CEO about it. The biggest problem is the inconsistency. The CEO pointed out that like Asana you can edit tasks without having to save but editing the view requires a save.

However, adding a description also requires saving, which can slow you down if like us you use that area for detailed instructions (and as an aside Chat is the default when you open a task so you have to click again to get to the Description).

I think Height has a bright future but needs to figure out these UX issues. Perhaps because of Height, Asana no longer has a 5 user minimum. You can now pay for just 2 seats. Keep up the pressure Height!

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