Way to Sign Out?

Is there a way to sign out of Height?

The reason I’m asking is because I was trying to share a list with a coworker and wanted to know what it looks like from their point of view. So I was trying to sign out of Height in order to see what my coworker sees in their browser.

Hey, David!

There’s technically no way to access Height unless you’re signed in, so you if you sign out (which you can do from clicking on your workspace name, and clicking “Sign out” in the bottom right corner) you won’t be able to view anything in Height.

If the list is shared, the view should be the same for every user. Are they not seeing the same list content as you?

Circling back to clarify:

If the list is shared via Web, it can be viewed “read-only” without being signed-in.

So in this case, you can copy the list link and view it in an incognito window.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I was trying to find. We use MS Teams so I was testing integrating Height into Teams and wanted to see what my coworkers would see. Works great.

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BTW - I wish there was a way for those not signed in to see the other views (in this example - a way to see both the Kanban or Calendar view). But the way Height is built, once a user defines a default view (Spreadsheet, Kanban, or Calendar) the link only displays that view.

Because the link is read-only, they won’t be able to change the view on their end. But if you update the view (switch to kanban, calendar, etc.) and save the change, the link will update as well (with a refresh.)

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