Gantt chart is broken

Gantt charts are displaying incorrectly for me and have been like this for a while

Oo! Thanks for the report, Giuliano! Is this for all Gantt views across different lists? Also, can you try reloading and clearing your cache?

This fixed most of it, but there are items that are longer than a year long that don’t display in the interface even after the hard refresh
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 2.57.26 PM

What’s the name of the list where the Gantt view is broken? (Feel free to email directly if you don’t want to post the list name publicly.) And does this seem specific to across different gantt views for tasks that surpass a year?

I just checked and it seems to have been fixed sometime between when it was reported and now.

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Awesome! Apologies for the delayed response, but happy to hear that it’s fixed :slight_smile: