Gantt chart not aligning with dates

Hi, for a few weeks now my tasks don’t snap to the dividing line for each date, but is pulled forward past the line by a quarter or a third of the date. It’s very difficult to see an accurate overview with this issue.

Is there a fix planned for this?

Thank you!

Thanks so much for the report, Christine! I was able to initially repro on my end and it seems that the issue happens when “Show weekends” is toggled off. Even then, after reloading and clearing cache, the task pills correctly aligned with the dates. Can you try reloading and clearing cache on your end and see if that fixes the issue?

(I still filed this report with our team to monitor the issue :point_up:t5:)

Hi Akila,

Thank you so much! Clearing the cache fixed the issue. I appreciate your help as it as truly bugging me :smiley:

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Happy to hear it and happy to help! Let us know if anything else comes up :slight_smile: