Gantt view is not showing correct rows

Hi there!

I have a Gantt chart that is sectioned by status and sub-sectioned by assignee. The issue I’m having is arising when looking at the rows. On the left sidebar, it shows the task name, where on the right it should show the timeline bar. However, it looks like all the timeline bars are being shifted around, significantly far away from their task on the sidebar. See image below for example. This is happening across all my Height boards, both in the app and in the webapp.

Please help!

Hey, Payge! Oof! Thanks for the report! A few questions, how long has this been happening? Also, can you try clearing your cache in app (? icon in bottom left corner → DeveloperReload and clear cache) to see if that helps?

Hi, Payge! We just released a fix for this so all should be clear now! Thanks again for the report :+1: