Google Sheet integration not working well anymore

Hi, we’re using the Google Sheet integration to export data from height so we can have basic stats on our velocity.

Until recently (±2 weeks ago I would say) the integration worked well, but now every time we open the Google sheet file, the =HEIGHT formula returns “To start: Add-ons → Height → Use in this spreadsheet”. We then have to authorize again, then refresh. Which makes the process unnecessary complex.

We tested with a different account to see if we had the same problem, and yes, it’s the same.
In the list of Height integration, we now see a dozen of integrations, all for the same file.

On top of that (or maybe it’s linked), it’s not possible to open and use one Google Sheet with a =HEIGHT formula multiple people at the same time. The formula only returns data for a 1 person.
The same applies when I want to open the same file in multiple tabs.

Oh, no! Thanks for putting this on our radar, Guillaume! I’ll get this filed with the team and circle back with updates as they come.

Hey, Guillaume! We released a fix for this issue so you should be good to go now :+1: As a heads up, if you want to clean up the integration page you can revoke the dupe access for google sheets and keep only the most recent one. Thanks again for the initial report!