Google Sheets integration not working

So I’m trying to integrate google sheets into height, I’ve created a new spreadsheet and I’ve typed the formula correctly, but all it seems to return is “To start: Add-ons → Height → Use in this spreadsheet”.

I’ve done that multiple times, and it seemingly still doesn’t work, despite refreshing it multiple times.

Hi, Connor! Apologies for the delayed response! Can you confirm whether or not it’s a private Height list that you’re trying to pull data from? You may also need to disconnect and reconnect the Google sheets integration from the settings page.

I’ve tried disconnecting the integration and removing and uninstalling the extension on the sheets document itself, and then reinstalling it and reconnecting it but I get the same message.

The list isn’t private.

Hello? I still need help with this.

Apologies for the delay, Connor! I have the team looking into this and I’ll keep you posted.