[Bug] Dragging tasks in manually sorted Kanban view is broken?

I have a Kanban board sectioned by status, and each column is sorted manually. but I found today that I cannot drag tasks in each section to change the order. When I try to drag a task, the only valid dropzone is the Done column? Video demonstration here: qgfuaMR8

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Yup, having the same issue; only my tasks will only move to be a child task of another in the same column.

Hey Height team! Just wondering if you’ve been able to verify this bug?

Apologies for the delay! We became aware of this bug yesterday morning and issued a fix shortly after. Can you both confirm that the issue is now resolved on your end?

I just confirmed the fix - thank you!

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This bug has just started occurring for me on one specific list…

Hey, Sam! Are you still having the issue with drag/drop for Kanban?

Nope! It’s all fixed!

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