How to make an automation that changes status based on date?


I want to create an automaiton that will change the Status of a task to To Do once its Start Date is today or earlier.

This is what I created:

It doesn’t seem to do anything, however.

Can someone help?


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I would love this functionality. I think if we were to do this via automations, we’d have to be able to (1) run an automation on a schedule (daily, hourly, etc), and (2) be able to iterate over all matching tasks so we can change the status (or allow bulk-updates)

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+1 on this. I’ve tried to a set up a similar automation where

but it hasn’t been run even once even though it’s active. Seems like a bug that “satisfies filters” doesn’t run on a schedule?

Thanks for reaching out, Joe! Similar to what Tammer said, that desired automation isn’t yet doable because Date triggers/actions aren’t yet based on a passage of time (i.e. once the Start date becomes xyz…) I can follow up once this flow is supported :+1: